1. Who can eat Suibianguo?

Suibianguo is the ultimate detox food, made from green plums that have been fermented for four months. This natural plum carries a special blend of herbs: mulberry leaf powder, cassia seed powder, β-Carotene and yerba mate; all balanced with dietary fiber. It is perfect to enhance your wellness routine. It’s suitable for all age groups, just make sure children take Suibianguo under parental supervision to avoid swallowing plum pits.

2. Can people with weak GI system, diabetes or pregnant women eat Suibianguo?

Suibianguo is especially beneficial for those with poor gastrointestinal function. With its special mix of plum, mulberry leaf powder, cassia seeds, dietary fiber and mate tea, all natural ingredients known to support healthy digestion. Plus their proprietary fermentation process, Suibianguo is especially beneficial in improving gastrointestinal health naturally.

Diabetics can benefit from adding Suibianguo into their diets, even if the ingredient list includes white sugar; as this is used to ferment naturally-preserved lactic acid bacteria. After four months of fermentation, any residual sugar that remains has minimal impact on blood glucose levels.

Suibianguo is not recommended for women in early pregnancy and lactation period. Women in late pregnancy can eat Suibianguo to help with their constipation. (Refer to "How to eat Suibianguo for the first time")

 3. How to eat Suibianguo for the first time?

Suibianguo is just a healthy snack and simple to eat. For best results, simply steep one plum in 300ml of hot water and wait for the drink to become a comfortable warm temperature. Enjoy the tea along with the fruit about two hours before bedtime; this extends its stay in your digestive tract so that it can do its job more effectively!

Suibianguo plums are an innovative way to help you discover your intestinal type!  Depending on how your body reacts, get in touch with your sales consultant to adjust intake levels to find what works best for you—experts suggest at least 2 liters of water split into smaller sips throughout the following day.