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  • HHA Moisturising Repair Face Masks
  • HHA Moisturising Repair Face Masks


HHA Moisturising Repair Face Masks

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Rescue imbalanced and dry skin within 30 days.  Make your return to elastic, moist and glowing skin.

Each HHA Moisturising Repair Face Mask is made from innovative Japanese microfibre (0.6 Denier) membrane cloth leaving zero distance between the moisturising essence and the skin.

Each microfibre mask is air-permiable without irritation.

Key ingredients of HAA Moisturising Repair Masks include:

Centella Asiatica
As a traditional Chinese medicine plant with a long history, it can promote the formation of skin collagen, and has a strong healing effect which can effectively reinforce the skin resistance, reducing inflamation, help keep calm, ease and repair the skin.

Ectoin is an amino acid derivative. It can not only continuously improve the capacity of moisture preservation and water storage capability for the skin, but also effectively improve the protective capacity of skin cells, which can reduce external environmental stimulation, help anti-allergy, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing.

Ou Sumin
Ou Sumin blends seven kinds of plants with outstanding soothing effects well-accepted at home and abroad, which can activate natural moisturising factors within the skin, and inhibit inflammation, soothe sensitivity and alleviate discomfort of your skin.

Ceramide 3
As one of the important components of the skin's protective barrier, it not only maintains skin moisture balance, but also effectively enhances the skin's protective barrier, which can help ease damaged skin, dryness and relieve allergies.

How to use HHA Moisturising Repair Face Masks:
  1. After washing your face, unpack the package, open the mask and apply it onto the face.
  2. Press the mask gently with your fingers and squeeze out the bubbles to ensure the mask is completely in contact with your skin.
  3. Relax your mind nand keep the mask on your face for 15-20 minutes to let the skin absorb the essence of the mask.
  4. Remove the mask and massage the face to help absorb the essence of the mask, finally, wash your face again as before.