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  • Siji Meal Replacement Jelly
  • Siji Meal Replacement Jelly
  • Siji Meal Replacement Jelly


Siji Meal Replacement Jelly

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Whether you’re a busy professional, a serial snacker or a dietician, you’re bound to love our popular Siji Meal Replacement Jelly - the low carb, high nutrition solution for unwanted cravings.

With its unique formula containing noni (fruit), chia seeds, ginseng and barley grass, Siji Jelly helps to relieve hunger, kickstart the immune system and assist with body shape management. At just 80g, one sachet can provide fullness for up to 6 hours whilst delivering a variety of essential nutrients, so you can get on with your day feeling fed and energised.

Package Content: 560g (80g x 7)
Shelf Life: 12 months
Recyclable Packaging: Yes

Each Siji Jelly Meal Replacement pouch contains one meal. Siji jelly contains a number of carefully chosen ingredients to provide healthy, convenient nourishment to your body, such as;

  • L-Cartinine (Plant Extract) & Dentrobium Powder
    To promote metabolism while supporting healthy cardiovascular function
  • Chia Seeds
    High in Omega 3, great source of fibre
  • Asian Ginseng
    To promote physical and mental vitality
  • Barley Leaf Powder
    A multi-nutrient rich super food
  • XOS (Xylooligosaccharide)
    A natural prebiotic that can encourage beneficial gut bacteria

How to eat Siji Meal Replacement Jelly.

Simply open and enjoy it. It is formulated to provide balanced nutrition while making you feel fuller for longer. It is best to have a drink with the jelly so that the ingredients. such as Kudzu Powder and Konjac Flour, can expand in your stomach.

Siji Jelly can be enjoyed as a part of your regular, balanced diet to replace one regular meal to encourage weight loss without sacrificing physical and mental energy which may otherwise be lost due to food intake reduction.

Each pouch provides enough sustenance to last your body for between 4 -6 hours of moderate physical activity.

Always consult your GP before consuming any new dietary supplements.