International Women's Day 2023

Change a Girl's Life this International Women's Day.

This International Women's Day, Share Health and Beauty is proud to support the Prince's Trust #ChangeAGirlsLife campaign.

Share Health and Beauty will donate 5% of all sales or all sales from across March 6th 2023 to March 31st 2023 to The Prince's Trust in support of their #ChangeAGirlsLife campaign, helping to transform the lives of young people.

Also, spend £50 and get a free box of face masks/eye masks or HHA paper worth £19.00.

Spend £100 and get free gifts worth £38.

  • Every penny raised for the #ChangeAGirlsLife campaign will enable The Prince’s Trust to support more young women to overcome any challenges they are facing and change their lives for the better.
  • Many young women face barriers to fulfilling their potential. That’s why The Prince’s Trust #ChangeAGirlsLife campaign is raising vital funds to help thousands of young women build a better future for themselves through employment, education or by starting their own business.
  • The courses offered by The Prince’s Trust help young women who face disadvantage and adversity to build the confidence and skills they need to move into work, training and education.
  • We believe that supporting young women on a path to employment can help them to lead more stable, fulfilling lives.
  • The funds we raise together will help to bring hope and opportunity to young women who have lost confidence in their future.
  • By helping young women today, the benefits for them, their communities and the wider economy will be felt for years to come.

Why young women need our help

Young women today are facing a unique set of challenges that threaten their futures and aspirations.

For those young women who were already facing disadvantage and adversity, the added challenges of the pandemic and now the cost-of-living crisis have made it even harder for them to find a way forward.

Many young women feel anxious, have lost confidence in themselves and are worried for a future which appears to be spiralling beyond their control. Without the right support, there is a very real risk that they could lose hope for the future.

Those young women who were already vulnerable - facing issues such as long-term unemployment, mental health issues, challenges at home or at school, or even homelessness - they see no way out. You can help them break the cycle and start something new.

The Prince’s Trust is a registered charity in England and Wales (1079675) and Scotland (SC041198).