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  • Free Sample of Suibianguo Candied Detox Plum - 5 Pieces (Excludes Shipping)


Free Sample of Suibianguo Candied Detox Plum - 5 Pieces (Excludes Shipping)

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Sijiyoumei’s Suibianguo (Sui Bian Guo Candied Green Plum), previously known as Share Plum, are a sweet, soothing health snack designed to ease digestion, accelerate weight loss and improve immune function. Our unique recipe combines the essential ingredients of green plums, mulberry leaf powder, cassia seeds, yerba mate and beta carotene to help cleanse the gut of toxins and assist with the body’s natural cycles. Add Siubianguo to your diet today and leave stubborn stomach issues in the past.

Sample Package Content: 5 pieces
Shelf Life: 24 months
Recyclable Packaging: Yes

  • Preserved (Candied) Green Plum
  • Cassia Seed Powder
  • Yerba Mate Powder
  • Mulberry Leaf Powder
  • Natural Carotenoids
  • Dietary Fibre
How to eat Suibianguo:

When you eat it for the first time, eat one plum about one hour before bedtime. Please discard the stone. Then drink a glass of warm water.

Alternatively, soak the plum in a glass of hot water like you make a tea. Let it cool to drinkable warm. Then eat the soaked plum (discarding the stone) and drink the water while it's still warm.

Different people may see different reactions after eating the plum. Below are some of the typical reactions after eating a Suibianguo plum and how to adjust.

  Number of bowel movements the following day What to do next?
Loose Stool > 4 times Reduce to one plum every other day
Normal Stool 2-4 times Continue consuming one plum a day
Dry Stool Once or no change in bowel movement Increase the number of plums per day till you see 2 bowel movements the following day

Important Guidelines for Consumption

Suibianguo is not medicine. Please consult your physician before making any dietary changes or consuming any dietary supplements.

Those with Diabetes are recommended to soak the plum in warm water before consuming it. Diabetic customers please take the plum 30 mins before lunch or dinner when their blood sugar is low.

It is best not to drink coffee or tea at least 2 hours before or after eating a plum.

If you are on medication, leave at least 3 hours after taking medication before consuming Suibianguo.

Not recommended during pregnancy, menstruation or while breast-feeding.

Not recommended for those with a peptic ulcer, gastric damage/distress or cerebral thrombosis.

Do not consume Suibianguo with seafood.