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  • HHA Tightening and Lifting Mask
  • HHA Tightening and Lifting Mask


HHA Tightening and Lifting Mask

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For many of us, age takes a heavy toll on the lower sections of the jaw - puffy chins, drooping jowls and furrowed neck bands amongst the more common issues.

That’s why, to help tackle the problem, HHA developed the Tightening and Lifting Mask - a new approach to facial beauty, using advanced gel technology to smooth wrinkles and help restore your youthful v-line.

Without any harmful chemicals (such as phthalates or retinol), the Tightening and Lifting Mask maintains a highly-elastic ‘3D’ fiber membrane, so you can safely configure your natural shape and turn back the clock on sagging skin.

Hypoallergenic: Yes
Skin Type: ‎Oily, Dry, Acne, Sensitive, Normal
Package Quantity: x7 pcs
Shelf Life: 3 years
Liquid Content: 20ml
Recyclable Packaging: Yes

HHA Tightening and Lifting Mask ingredients include:

  • Bifida Ferment Lysate
    Sometimes referred to and the 'golden element for beauty products', it is famous for being considered a luxury with the function of directly targeting the root cause of cell problems, reinforcing skin foundation and preventing light ageing and delaying the skin ageing process.
  • Fullerene
    It is raw material from Japan, an ingredient as precious as diamond and a noble prize winning element (1996) known as the 'cleaner of free radicals' with the function of antioxidation, skin repairing, skin refreshing, skin brightening, skin firming and delayed skin ageing.

How to use HHA Tightening and Lifting Face Masks

  1. After cleansing, get the spray essence ready, keep it 15-20cm away from the skin, press and spray on the cheek evenly.
  2. Open the membrane cloth packaging, tear down the pearly membrane, and position the gel surface towards the face, hold the ear loops at both ends of the membrane cloth with both hands. Taking the oval hole as a positional guide for your mouth, stretch the mask to both sides of your cheeks and gently apply it to the face, attaching it around your ears, adjusting until you feel comfortable.
  3. Relax and keep it in place for 20-60 minutes. After taking off the membrane you don't need to rewash your face. Instead, massage your face until the essence is completely absorbed.
  4. If your time is limited, you can also use the spray essence independently of the mask after daily cleansing to help keep your skin firm.